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Keith Rogers


Hello, I'm Keith.

Keith is a seasoned and accomplished Programme Manager with extensive expertise garnered through leadership roles spanning the Transport, Media, Retail, and Telecoms sectors. He has held key positions within reputable blue-chip organisations, demonstrating a remarkable track record in successfully managing multi-million-pound business and technology programs.

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My Story

In recent years, Keith has directed his focus toward the aviation industry, where he played a pivotal role as the lead for BAA's airport divestment program covering Edinburgh, Stansted, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Southampton airports. His contributions extend to delivering program and change management services for prominent airports such as Stansted, Luton, Heathrow, and Gatwick.
As the Managing Partner and Programme Director at Lion & Gazelle, Keith specialises in project delivery, transformation, target operating models, and stakeholder engagement, catering to both aviation and Government clients. With a particular proficiency in 'Mergers & Acquisitions,' Keith's recent emphasis on airport separation aligns with his broader experience in Airport Operations, encompassing the implementation of various Airport Operational Systems.
Keith's unrivalled expertise, in-depth knowledge, and outstanding delivery record have earned him widespread recognition in an industry that significantly contributes to Lion & Gazelle's overall success.


I'm always open to connecting and chatting with link minded professionals. Get in touch.

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