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Projects & Programmes

Our delivery capability spans a diverse array of technology projects and programmes across various sectors.

We are specialists in airport projects including Airport Management Systems (AMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

A multitude of project methodologies are in use, encompassing Waterfall, Agile, Lean and Extreme Project Management. We subscribe to the toolsets of APM, PMI and Prince II. While each methodology has its merits, it's important to note that none guarantees successful project delivery. Instead, they serve as tools for managing, tracking, and reporting progress on your given project, collectively forming the "Science" of Project Delivery. We are adaptable and can seamlessly integrate with any chosen method or others adopted by your organisation.

What sets us apart in successful project delivery is the infusion of the "Art" of Project Management. This entails understanding how to tailor processes to meet the unique needs of your business and the specific project at hand. Recognising that not all projects require every step of PRINCE2, we emphasise the importance of selectively choosing components from different methodologies, considering them as a menu to be tailored rather than followed verbatim in every scenario. Moreover, we bring a fresh perspective to Behaviours, Stakeholder, and Communications Management, as well as our approach to engaging people in the project journey.


Lion & Gazelle consultants bring extensive experience and a proven track record in successful project and programme delivery. Our goal is to collaborate seamlessly with your organization, working as one team to ensure sustainable success.

Projects & Programmes

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