Organisational Design

Often we have been engaged to help with problem identification and solution in a client organisation. These organisations collect a huge amount of data which they spend considerable time on analysing and often focus their improvement efforts on collecting even more data or implementing new IT applications to solve the problem.

In our experience, poor performance quite often results from broken processes ‘stitched together’ across dysfunctional organisation design. Symptoms of this problem include: lack of clear accountability, duplication of effort, misalignment of metrics, rework. Poor organisation design is at the root of these issues but is disregarded as something to be worked on as it is the HR department’s prerogative to fix organisation design issues.

We totally disagree with this premise. Poor organisation design is a business problem and not an HR problem. In our approach, we do not just fix processes but also fix the underlying organisation design to ensure that the root cause of problems are dealt with and the solution is embedded in the organisation.

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