Balanced Scorecard

Every other seminar or training program mentions: ‘What gets measured, gets improved’; and yet organisations continue to struggle to stop and think and make sure they have the right metrics in place. Some organisations hide behind the metrics they have agreed with their clients (e.g., SLAs) even though those are not the ones which will help them drive improvements. Additionally, they tend to look at performance in a scattered fashion e.g., looking at HR metrics separate to the Financial performance metrics or the process efficiency performance metrics.

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has been around for some time now and even though organisations may buy into the logic of it, they find it either a very complex exercise to be led from head office or they think the time is not right to implement one for one reason or another.

We highly recommend putting a BSC in place as part of the organisation’s transformation journey. We have significant experience in implementing BSC efficiently and with the least amount of overhead so that it remains fit-for-purpose. Also, once this is in place, it sets the improvement agenda for initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma.

We offer an in-company program for Senior Managers on BSC where they learn about the process of translating their vision into strategy by deploying the scorecard process. See details about Balanced Scorecard course.

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