Project and Programme Management

Lion & Gazelle are seasoned practitioners in helping organisations successfully manage and deliver complex and challenging projects and programmes. Whether they are M&A projects, system implementation or business change programmes. Our approach has been refined over many years of successful Project and Programme Delivery, and always focused on the outcomes.

There are many project methodologies in play these days with PRINCE 2, Agile, APM, LEAN Project Management, Extreme Project Management and the list continues. Depending on your view point each and everyone has their merits, and more often than not they contain very similar components that enable a project manager to deliver against a plan.

It is important to recognise with all of these methodologies they are not the silver bullet to successful project delivery they are merely tools that enable you to manage, track and report progress of your given project.

This is what we at Lion & Gazelle refer to this as the “Science” of the Project Delivery, and we can work with any of these chosen methods or others that your organisation has adopted.

The key difference that we bring to successfully delivering projects is the “Art” of Project Management, or “How” to use the processes based on the needs of your business and the demands of the specific project you are delivering. Not all projects require all the PRINCE 2 steps, so selecting the appropriate components from a Project Method is key, all methodologies are in our view are a menu to select from and not to be followed verbatim in every single scenario.

Additionally, we bring a fresh approach to our Behaviours, Stakeholder and Communications Management and the way in which we bring people along on the project journey. If you read any manual, the activity is simple to define but not always as easy to deliver, e.g. identify and engage your stakeholders. Easy to say, but difficult to do.

Lion & Gazelle consultants bring considerable experience and a track record of successful project and programme delivery and our ambition is to work as one team with your organisation and ensure that we achieve sustainable success.

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