Digital and IT Application Projects

Over many years of experience implementing IT Projects, we as an organisation firmly believe that any IT implementation is a solution to a business problem or opportunity and not an end in itself. We see IT projects and programmes in the wider context of what the business wants to achieve. Depending on the requirements of the business, sometimes IT may not even be the answer or the organisation may not need to spend the kind on money they are planning to spend.

We therefore start with a thorough understanding of the business problem or opportunity. Again, once the IT project gets underway, we make sure we constantly communicate with the business/stakeholder/ user groups to ensure alignment all the way from design, build, testing and go-live. All this effort upfront may feel a bit un-necessary to most implementers, but in our experience goes a long way in ensuring a ‘smooth landing’ and adoption post go-live.

This approach ensures efficiency as well and there are a number of instances in which our approach requires overall less time to implement than originally thought by the client.

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