Quality Management System (QMS)

Most organisations do not ‘think much’ about their Quality Management System (QMS) / ISO9001 programme and usually tend to go through a last minute scramble to meet requirements when scheduled external audits are due to take place. We think that ISO9001 could be very useful foundation for organisations looking to implement Lean Six Sigma and more generally.

It is our experience that when we look at the root cause of many problems and even solutions to those problems, we are staring at the need for a robust Quality Management System (QMS). Although the DMAIC process makes sure that the controls are put in place for the process being improved, but any number of such projects cannot substitute the need for a comprehensive and effective QMS that has been implemented well. DMAIC projects on top of this foundation deliver far greater benefits than trying to achieve Quality by way of a number of bite-sized projects.

We have also come across a number of examples where improved processes regress back because the controls are not maintained in the absence of an overarching QMS that is required to embed a culture of Continuous Improvement. Hence, our methodology incorporates development of a robust QMS as part of the Lean Six Sigma journey.

How can Lion & Gazelle support your QMS journey?

  • Undertake Gap Analysis for your organisation with respect to the QMS requirements/ framework
  • Deliver QMS Awareness Training to Senior Managers and Employees
  • Design and Implement a robust Documents and Records Management System to support compliance
  • Create and provide QMS Deployment Programme Management for your organisation

You can also visit the website of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) at http://www.iso.org to learn more about the framework and history.


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