Heathrow Expansion – Right decision for British SMEs

Heathrow Expansion – Vital engine for SME growth

Lion & Gazelle is proud to be working with Heathrow Airport over the last 2 years and we continue to find new areas to be part of the journeity. We fully support the expansion of Heathrow as it is vital to creating a step change in growth in the British economy. SMEs such as ours will benefit significantly due to a virtuous cycle of growth triggered by the expansion. Although the majority of our focus is on improving efficiency for our clients, there is nothing more powerful than growth with efficiency. The Heathrow promise seeks to deliver both. Best of Luck to Team Heathrow!

Our perspective

Stan Ahmed, Founder, Lion & Gazelle, was interviewed by the Heathrow Team

Stan Ahmed: On Heathrow Expansion and its relevance to SMEs such as Lion & Gazelle 

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