Centre of Excellence – Airport Management

Airports and Airlines have provided us fertile ground to implement new methods and techniques, in what was an insular environment where only big consultancies were engaged.  But owing to our ability to transfer learnings from other industries (with adaptation), we have created a niche for ourselves and have successfully introduced new techniques to our clients.

It is no wonder that from a very small engagement in 2009, we have gone onto provide services to all the major Airports in the UK.  Supported by a major Airport Investor organisation, we have recently set up the Airports Centre of Excellence (ACoE) to build a community of best practice methods. This has also led us to develop some IT applications driven by our clients, which are now in operation with some of our member airports:

Airside Incident Reporting (AIR)

Incident Reporting

A low cost application providing intensive and bespoke capability for airside incident reporting which includes recording, assigning, workflow, reporting and integration with the CAA. The application has resulted in our clients being able to improve reporting efficiency and increase the accuracy and speed of reporting incidents.

Enterprise Risk Management System (ERMS) 

A low cost application which is configurable with the clients risk scoring mechanism. The application allows easy recording, tracking and assigning of risks and actions. The system also provides automated messaging and an intensive reporting functionality, giving our clients better visibility and control of their risks while improving senior managers’ engagement levels to the risk management process. 

For more information, please visit www.airportscoe.com 

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