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Keeping you updated – Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt: We at Lion & Gazelle have successfully delivered our latest Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course for participants from Mersen Holytown, Mersen Teeside and Glasgow Airport. The training was delivered over 5 days and the delegates went through the basic principles of Lean and Six Sigma followed by in-depth … Continued

Upcoming Lean Six Sigma Training – Glasgow

We have spaces on our upcoming courses in July: Master Class Yellow Belt Green Belt

Online Lean Six Sigma Courses

White Belt / Yellow Belt / Green Belt

Heathrow Airside CI Programme

Lion & Gazelle successfully completed Wave 1 of 2 for Heathrow Airside Green Belts training. They are now working on their exciting projects. We will be supporting them through coaching and mentoring whilst helping the Sponsors to keep the programme on track through effective governance and review. It’s a great team with some really enthusiastic … Continued

Lion and Gazelle Associates

Why not join our team of Associates? We are looking to expand our team of professionals in Continuous Improvement, Project Management and IT. Interested? Visit our website and get in touch.

Merger – Lion and Gazelle

We have been busy during 2015, probably the busiest we have ever been! Running two companies Lion & Gazelle and AmroPro. AmroPro has been busy with airport IT separation work, separating Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton (AGS) airports from Heathrow following the recent sale. Over the last 18 months Amropro has seen rapid growth in terms … Continued

3 Dangers of Business Transformation

Overcome These Dangers The words ‘business’ and transformation’ could be considered a frightening prospect for some but these fears should be overcome if you truly want your business to flourish as it can. Lion and Gazelle are experts in the field of Business and IT Transformation having been successfully involved in all the phases of … Continued

IT Separation – Buyer or Seller Lead?

IT Separation Projects If you have read any of my other posts you will know that I have been involved in delivering IT Separations (amongst other projects) over the past few years, some of which have been “Buyer” lead and some “Seller” Lead. In my experience, both parties favour the “Buyer” lead approach as this … Continued

Divestment – Pre-Sale

An inside view Having worked on a number of Divestments over the years, including 3 Airports and 1 Broadcast & Media company, I have built up considerable experience, the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” and developed an approach to take the pain out of the process. There are a number of key factors that need to be … Continued

IT Separation – Parent, Adult and Child Ego’s

Project Layers It is an unusual description of a Programme, but one that I believe sums up my experience of delivering “Separation” projects. I am sure there are many case studies or lessons learned that highlight how to go about planning and the potential pitfalls of certain approaches you might take, but even where there … Continued

IT Investment vs Business Process Improvement

I have lost count how many times I have encountered the situation where someone says: “I have a problem that requires a new IT Solution…” or “We must implement “X” IT solution because it will save the company money or improve productivity” etc…. My first response is always: 1. What is the problem you are … Continued

Online Lean Six Sigma training and certification

We are offering Lean Six Sigma White Belt and Yellow Belt training and certifications online. We also offer a Green Belt test and certification online (It is recommended that a Green Belt training course has been completed prior to taking this test).  

5 Benefits of Adopting Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma extends into every part of an organisation, involving every employee in the process from the CEO to the shop floor workers. It combines two of the most influential continuous improvement trends in the business; Lean and Six Sigma. The concept of Lean encourages a sustainable, cost-effective outcome; it does not however by … Continued

5 Lean Six Sigma Myths

Lean Six Sigma can add an attractive value aspect to business projects by increasing profits and improving customer satisfaction through effective and waste eliminating business processes. Despite these positive benefits Lean Six Sigma is often linked with some overwhelming myths that prevent companies from taking advantage of it. These include; costs of training being too … Continued