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Why do we keep wasting Organisational Knowledge!

We all know how much time, effort and money is expended by organisations in creating new knowledge and experiences. These do not have to always be cutting edge information or knowledge but could be just something very routine e.g., process maps, flow charts, risk logs. Each such activity is often repeated a number of times … Continued

Heathrow Expansion – Right decision for British SMEs

Heathrow Expansion – Vital engine for SME growth Lion & Gazelle is proud to be working with Heathrow Airport over the last 2 years and we continue to find new areas to be part of the journey. We fully support the expansion of Heathrow as it is vital to creating a step change in growth … Continued

Five things to increase Lean Six Sigma project velocity

As we know, in addition to the investment in training the belts, a lot of management time and thinking goes into committing to a Lean Six Sigma program. One thing that causes considerable agony along the way is the slow progress of the projects especially the first wave of projects and this could impair enthusiasm. … Continued

Deming’s 85% rule

85% of faults lie with systems, processes, structures and practices in an organisation and only 15% is down to operator skill and it is the responsibility of management to fix this. While Dr. Edward Deming said this number of years ago and most people seem to agree with it, we continue to find organisation after organisation … Continued