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3 Dangers of Business Transformation - Lion & Gazelle

3 Dangers of Business Transformation

Overcome These Dangers

The words ‘business’ and transformation’ could be considered a frightening prospect for some but these fears should be overcome if you truly want your business to flourish as it can. Lion and Gazelle are experts in the field of Business and IT Transformation having been successfully involved in all the phases of change, from defining strategy, to designing and implementing process improvement and the implementation of IT systems to deliver business benefit. However even we realise that some businesses’ still have certain reservations and here are the 3 fears we feel you may have about Business Transformation, and why you should overcome them.

1. Change – As simple as it sounds change is a very frightening prospect for some. Why change something if that’s the way you’ve always done it and it’s working fine? Well our response to that would be do you really want to just be doing fine? Change is inevitable for any business that wants to stay competitive and increase their market share or revenue. By simply keeping things the way they are in a status quo you run the risk of your business stagnating and falling majorly behind competitors. Change isn’t something that should be feared by businesses’ looking to grow, it should be something that is encouraged.

2. A leader ‘stuck in the past’ – This is mainly along the same lines of change although can be a much tougher one to overcome. If you have a business that is seriously struggling to keep up with competitors but a leader who is still fascinated by the companies past glories, what can you do? The only thing you can do is encourage change from bottom-up and point out to them and the company has to move with the times. Especially in IT Business Transformation leaders may act stubbornly to try save some money by not upgrading systems, this however will cost them far more in the long-term than any slight savings they may make just now.

3. The word ‘Transformation’ – As we have explained, our team at Lion and Gazelle are specialists in Business Transformation, ranging all the way from tweaking certain aspects of your company to a fundamental change in the products or services you offer. The latter would definitely involve a lot of transforming of your business, however as the former suggests it would only require some slight changes to your company in order to get you performing better. The word transformation no doubt frightens a lot of business owners who don’t want to hand off their business to a firm like us to completely change, however that is not the case at all.

We hope this blog has alleviated any fears you may have had on Business Transformation and what it involves. We have the skills to help you to achieve your goals, be it in an advisory basis or as an implementation partner, for more information go to the ‘Business Transformation section on our website and get in touch.

Author: Michael Robertson

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