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Lean Six Sigma Consulting - Lion & Gazelle

Why Lean Six Sigma Consulting?

When a company decides to make Business Process Improvement a key component of its Strategy, quite often the in-house resources do not have the necessary training and experience to execute. A number of organisations have taken a DIY approach in the past only to find themselves stalled 6 months down the line. Projects start meandering to nowhere, good performers start to look elsewhere, frustration grows by the day and management starts to look for the next silver bullet.

This situation can be avoided by seeking some outside help in the shape of Lean Six Sigma consulting to avoid the common pitfalls. A proven Lean Sigma consultancy company will ensure that the right processes are set in place from the outset, processes such as Project Selection, Governance, Benefits Calculation, Training Plan and Reporting. Of course, the client must not rush themselves into signing up such consultancy, but make sure they understand their needs and only sign up a consulting partner who is a good fit with the organisation and has track record of delivering significant results. One of the roles companies lack at the start of their journey is that of the Master Black Belt (MBB). A consulting company should, among other things, fulfill this role in the early part of the deployment programme.

How can Lion & Gazelle help?

  • Analysis of your Company Strategy and Key Business Drivers to identify focus areas
  • Create and establish a Deployment Programme
  • Projects Portfolio Selection
  • Training for Senior Managers and Sponsors
  • Setting up Governance
  • Selecting the Green and Black belts
  • Create guidelines for the calculation of benefits and savings
  • Coaching and mentoring for Sponsors and belts
  • Identify and coach the right in-house individual for the Master Black Belt (MBB) role

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